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The Fall Season is Here

Well, fall is here, and while I love the summer season most, there's something comforting about the fall. It's not quite cold yet but you're starting to think about the holiday season. This time I'm going to try to make it through the winter without putting on any winter weight. Wish me luck! I'm doing the couch-potato-to-5k training on my Android phone (c25k), it's a pretty cool app that my brother told me about.

Castel Sant'Angelo
Rome, Italy, September 1, 2011

This is the castle where the Pope would hang out when Rome was under siege. Behind this castle is a secret passageway that leads to the Vatican. Go see it.

I took this picture with a Canon Digital Rebel T2i and a wide angle lens, on a 2" tall tripod.


Favorite Technology and Websites

Neo4j by Neo Technology
Neo4j is a graph database.  Traditional relational databases are organized around rows and columns. A graph database is organized around nodes and connections between those nodes.  It's great for social graphs, maps, and many other applications.  Its an exciting, new way of thinking about data and a great tool.  It's under the AGPL license, runs on Windows and Linux.

MongoDB by 10gen
MongoDB (name inspired by the word "humongous"), is an open source database that is leading the "NoSQL" movement. This is not a relational database, it's a document database. You interact with it using Javascript instead of SQL commands. You can connect to it using .Net, its really fast, and if you aren't modifying the source code, it's free. It's under the AGPL, and it runs on Windows and Linux. Consider this as an IT strategy: Write your code using Javascript in the browser, in the webserver using Node.js, and in the database using MongoDB.

StackOverflow.com by stack exchange inc
If you haven't been there yet, you should visit the site which lets you post questions on many topics and other people answer them. If you answer questions, you score points which you can use to put a bounty on your own questions. It's a great way to keep your skills sharp, its fun, and its good strategy because by participating you build relationships and access to a huge community of experts. My profile on the site: David Berman.

Websites I've been building

The best way to send large files.
The second largest pain people have with email is the file size limit on attachments. I started this company with Carmine who's a genius and the second best programmer I know. We now have hundreds of companies and thousands of people using this website. I owe my Dad for this idea. I saw him struggling to send large email attachments and I thought he really can't be the only one with this problem. After two years our platform is really taking off right now, I just had to quadruple our server capacity.

Social networking, meet people for dating, friendship or business
I started SocialNetwork.com in the 90's and it's still growing. We were the first online service to have both an interactive website and online service, with integrated dating which you could extend by writing apps. Every time I tell someone I own SocialNetwork.com they say "oh I've heard of that" but maybe they're being polite. The Social Entertainment Network (SEN) provides a virtual cocktail party where members can meet and mingle.  You can browse members on the website, or download the software to chat and instant message with members.  Rather than focusing on e-mail based communication, this system focuses on real time interaction.  Social Networking software is available for free download.

Internet Marketing
This website was built fast and inexpensively. The trick was to buy a pre-made template from TemplateMonster.com for around $60. Next, I cut it up and installed it in the SendToPerson.com content management system. It took just a few days to do. SEOBOLD offers search engine optimization and pay-per-click management services.

Agri-Power, Inc.
AgriPower manufactures a machine that completely incinerates bio-mass and produces electricity.  This machine simultaniusly addresses the problem of agricultural waste management with affordable access to energy.

Bruce's Bakery
Bruce's Bakery of Great Neck, Bruce is Baker to the Stars!
Enjoy fresh kosher New York Cheesecakes shipped overnight to anyone in the country. Bruce's also ships pastries, cakes, cookies (my favorites are the black and whites and the rainbow cookies).

Periodontal gum disease is a serious infection of the mouth that, if left untreated, can lead to tooth loss and is known to be a contributing factor in developing diabetes.  Perio-Imaging, Inc., produces a device that aids in the early detection of periodontal disease. 

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